Phuket Smart Home AIoT

Automated Internet of Things

It is 2021. Everything is going online. More and more, savvy people are finding that they don’t even have to lift a finger to adjust their air-con or lights, open their front gate, unwind with music, or even clean their floor and feed their pet. Yes that’s right, we are now awakening to an automation revolution.

However, getting started in this world of using automated IoT/Smart Home controls is still a bit too complex for your average Joe. There are substantial challenges for beginners such as:

How do I get these devices working together?

How do I set them on schedules or scenes that make save me time, energy and effort?

What kind of wiring or wifi/network is needed or not needed?

Which devices and gadgets can be relied on to meet my goals?

How do I connect it all with a user interface: voice control or some kind of remote/app/tablet?

This is where Phuket Smart Homes and Automation IoT specialists enter. We are professionals who’ve walked that path, setup that control before, evaluated the relevant hardware/software options and achieved the dream of an automated house, villa, garden, building and even hotel. These efforts are well worth the time and investment for the savings of money, time and energy or effort. Quality of life and standard of living are thus greatly enhanced.

What are more details about the benefits of a smart home/building?

Convenience – Time and personal energy are our most important treasures. Who has time to find their sound system or TV or any device’s remote 5 times per day? Find the button, press it and wait for the machine to switch functions then check that it worked? If you can save your time and energy by using a voice command or automated scene, you’ll be one step closer to having more quality time to yourself or your family.

Energy Saving – With all the power grid demands of modern buildings and homes, it can be helpful to monitor, control and adjust the way we use energy more efficiently. For example, being able to turn off all a home’s aircons and lights when leaving the house by using a quick verbal command.

Security – Smart video doorbells, fingerprint locks, smart wifi locks that can be controlled remotely, video surveillance, motion sensors, fire sensors, gas sensors, window sensors, human movement sensors. All of these sensors, locks and technologies enhance both security and convenience. Saving you your most valuable assets: time, money and peace of mind.